Communication and Social Media Specialist

With a passion for online communication and evolving technologies, I am eager to further
develop my career specialized in developing and executing social media engagement, monitoring,
analysis, and reporting. My extensive knowledge and experience in working with social media
networks, tools, trends, and analytics platforms are the assets that help me deliver the right
message for your target audience, corresponding to the company’s social marketing and editorial

My curiosity and desire to stay on top of new trends in the social and digital landscape are what
will drive my ability to design creative and innovative communication solutions for businesses.
I know I can make a difference for your company so I invite you to look at my experience,
competencies and education details here on my website and to contact me at any time.
I look forward to hearing from you. 




Intern in Communication and Social Media

DISCUE STARTUP– Copenhagen, Denmark 2014


  • Social media strategy creation and implementation

  • Online presence management

  • Content creation strategy and blog management

  • Application of SEO techniques

  • Coordination of Communication team

  • Project management

Key learning:

  • Practical experience in working in a startup environment

  • Insight into communication strategies application for a startup

  • Experience in managing a team and internal communication

  • Community management

  • Experience with product testing and project management using Project Management Software Podio

Freelance Marketing Assistant – SEO, Content Writing, Social Media Manager

JOY GROUP – Almere, Netherlands  - 2013/2014


  • Article writing and blog maintenance (Drupal CMS)

  • Creation and implementation of online marketing campaigns

  • Community and social media management

  • Application of SEO techniques

Key learning:

  • Insight into working, researching and writing articles for a web development company

  • Practical experience in managing social media business accounts

  • Improvement of writing skills

  • Community management

Intern in Communication and PR

GRAYLING – Bucharest, Romania 2011


  • Content research in offline and online newspapers

  • Media database update

  • Media monitoring reports creation

  • Participation in event organization

  • Attending brainstorming meetings and daily meetings

Key learning:

  • Insights into working in a communication agency

  • Practical experience in market research and presenting results

  • Experience in writing communication materials

Content Editor

FLYING BITS – Bucharest, Romania 2008


  • Content research

  • Article writing

  • Updating online databases and blogs

Key learning:

  • Knowledge on using Wordpress CMS

  • Improvement of article writing skills


Andreea Manole has shown great analytical skills, which she has employed when doing research in regards to different aspects of her communication work. Andreea is a person who takes pride in being able to solve problems and enjoys challenging work.
Carlos Alaejos
CEO & Founer Discue






Master of Science and Technology in Operations and Innovation Management – Specialization in Media Management


Denmark, 2013/2015

Academic focus area:

  • Media and creativity

  • Media clusters

  • Integration of innovation processes

  • Management and implementation of internal organizational change

“Media as a Broker: How Media Convergence in Collaborative Consumption is Changing the Accommodation Industry” (Grade: 12)

Key learning:

  • Experience in quantitative and qualitative market research, and presentation of the results

  • Knowledge on working with problem-based projects and assignments

  • Project management

  • Critical thinking

Bachelor Degree in Sciences of Communication – Specialization in Communication and Public Relations


Bucharest, Romania 2009/2012

Academic focus:

  • Basic knowledge on Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising

  • Mass media

  • Internal and external communication

  • Public relations strategies and campaigns

  • Crisis communication

“Techniques and Strategies in Public Relations Campaigns - Communication Solution for the Campaign STOP TB! It's time to get informed!” (Grade: 10)

Key learning:

  • Experience in writing communication materials such as press releases, press monitoring reports, and newsletters

  • Knowledge in creating communication solutions

  • Knowledge in managing internal and external communication




// SEO

// Social Media Strategy


// Media monitoring reports

// Market research


// Press releases

// Newsletters

// Interviews

// Blog posts

// Articles


// Brochures

// Media Kits

// Presentations